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To the editor:

I am writing to express my strong support for Joe Orlando for re-election to Gloucester’s City Council at-large.

As a small businessman, I know first hand how often our city government makes rules that hurt our ability to earn a living. With Joe on the council, we have had a voice that speaks for us. Joe understands what it means to run a small business, make a budget, pay employees and fight back against government regulating your ability to do so. In his two years on the council, he has spoken up and pushed back against our local government continuing to make our lives harder and I, for on,e truly appreciate it.

Joe partnered with Sean Nolan and Steve LeBlanc to run a listening session with local contractors, to discuss our convoluted building practices here that make the lives of contractors harder and turn away new development. After hearing from us about our ideas to make the process of building in this city smoother, they took those ideas to the mayor’s office and advocated on our behalf.

The fact that these city councilors, for the first time that I can remember, listened to the needs of their constituents as far as making a living was really impressive to me. We need more of this productive and solution-oriented leadership on our City-Council. Please vote for Joe Orlando for city councilor at large on Nov. 7.

Tom Mackey


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