Letter: Orlando understands challenges of younger generation

21 Sep

Letter: Orlando understands challenges of younger generation


To the editor:

I’ve known Joe Orlando since we attended Gloucester High School together. We’ve remained friends through college and graduate schools, as he became an attorney and joined his family’s law firm, and I became a teacher here in Gloucester. Joe and I have bonded over a shared Italian-American history, and a belief in the importance of living and working here in the city where our families have lived for decades.


Those of us in the “millenial” age bracket, 25-39, have a unique set of challenges. The high costs of paying our student loans prevent us from being able to do what those of previous generations have done: purchase a home in which to settle down and raise a family. Here in Gloucester, many of the kids we attended school with have opted to leave our city to live and work in more affordable communities. This is an issue Joe and I have discussed at length, and that I know Joe wishes to work on when he becomes a city councilor by making Gloucester more business friendly to bring more available jobs so that young people can stay here and afford homes. As a teacher, I know that, if Joe is successful, those families will also invest in our local schools and continue to improve them.

Millenials need someone in our city government to advocate for them. Someone to speak for those of us who have lived here our whole lives, and are looking for the city of Gloucester to expand its economy to provide opportunities which do not exist for us now. Joe is the perfect person to lead the charge for the next generation. He will make long term plans to bring the city of Gloucester into a prosperous future.


For those reasons, I urge you to vote for Joe Orlando for councilor at large on Nov. 3.

Jeff Destino


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